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What the Press Says about Matthew Lesko:

New York Times"The vast reservoir of information is why Matthew Lesko is a success."

Wall Street Journal."Lesko's knowledge helps him find answers in unlikely places."

USA Today"Matthew Lesko is becoming the Federal Government's best advance man since Uncle Sam."

Chicago Sun Times"Matthew Lesko Knows more about government than most of its high-level executives."


Lesko's Free Money: Winning The Government Giveaway Game with Matthew Lesko

No where else can you get your hands on this much for nothing. In fact the government has $350 billion up for grabs in over 14,322 free grants, loans and contract programs. Yes they do hand out free grants, loans, direct payments, loan guarantees, government contracts--  even cold cash you can deposit in the bank! It's literally like a 24 karat goldmine just waiting to be found by anyone who has ever dreamed of enjoying financial freedom and beating out the free government money system.

Let Matthew Lesko be your guide to FREE government money, grants and loans from the Federal government!

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  • Government Money Club

  •  Free Money For Everybody!  Join Matthew Lesko as he guides you through 1700 free grant money programs!

  •  Free Grant Money For A Better Home! 4,000 Little-Known Government Money Programs That Give Out Grants, Direct Payments, And Other Free Money For People to Buy Their Dream Home or Become a Real Estate Investor.
  • Free Grants Money To Quit Your Job! 15,000 sources to help!
  •  How To Write And Get A Government Grant! Lesko's complete course for getting free government grants for business, training and school! Includes 50 Successful Grant Applications on CD-ROM!
  • Lesko's Federal Free Government Money Finders for Business! Download the sources and applications for grants, loans and contracts for your state plus access the Federal government sources!
    Instant access to hundred's of business grants and loans!



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